The Business of Diversifying into Heritage and Meaningful Stories

A diversified portfolio means having your money spread across different asset classes. Investing in commodity stocks, I-bonds, altcoins, and agriculture are great ways to diversify. But there are even more ways to diversify with similar if not better returns than more traditional alternative investments. Investing in watches can provide investors with a high floor and the potential to triple their investment.


Looking back at the Bulova Accutron watch and its incredible technology and durability for being the first electric watch, it sparked a lot of attention in the watch-collecting world when it came out in 1960. Because of its advanced technology and its adoption by top U.S. agencies for astronauts to wear as they flew in space, it significantly increased demand. The quality, durability, and space-like design inspired the public so much that Nike of all companies designed a shoe called the Nike Air Max. Nike was so influenced by the space mission and the watch, it incorporated its rubber molding at the bottom to provide support for astronauts.


Because of the overwhelming demand by the public and celebrities like Paul Newman and Elvis Presley, the value and admiration for being the first U.S. watch worn in space is something that is already down in the history books. Owning watches like the Bulova Accutron or others like it that have a story and heritage behind them brings value. Investors that want to diversify in stocks, bonds, crypto, and real estate should also add watches with heritage and a story to their portfolio. In doing so, Investors should expect to better retain their value, if not steadily grow their diversified portfolio.

A Gift That Inspired History