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Num Finance Introduces Colombian Peso-Pegged Stablecoin on Polygon

Num Finance, a leading stablecoin issuer, has launched nCOP, a stablecoin pegged to the Colombian peso. This innovative token operates on the rapidly growing Polygon network.

Key Features of nCOP

  • Asset Backing: nCOP stands out as it’s over-collateralized by reserve assets. This guarantees its stability and trustworthiness.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Enabling seamless money transfers, payments, savings, and earnings, nCOP leverages the power of blockchain technology.

As the digital assets universe expands, stablecoins, valued at an impressive $124 billion, are witnessing surging demand. Their importance can’t be overstated, especially in regions with vulnerable financial infrastructures like Latin America and Turkey.

Beyond their essential monetary functions, people are turning to stablecoins for remittances and as a store of value. Chainalysis, a reputed crypto research entity, confirms this growing trend.

Agustín Liserra, the CEO of Num Finance, remarked, “Colombia is a significant recipient of Latin American remittances, drawing nearly USD 10 billion annually. With nCOP, we’re introducing an innovative way for remittances, also offering potential yields.

Num Finance’s Expanding Portfolio

Already a significant player in the stablecoin arena, Num Finance offers the Argentine peso and Peruvian sol variants. Furthermore, there’s a vision to introduce offerings tied to currencies in Brazil, Mexico, and Bahrain.

Back in May, Reserve protocol spearheaded a $1.5 million pre-seed investment in Num Finance. Subsequently, the company reported over $2.5 million in nARS and nPEN circulation. The ambition? Launching stablecoins linked to the Brazilian real, Colombian peso, and Mexican peso.

In a significant move, the Colombian central bank is exploring the possibility of launching its digital currency. This Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) could transform the remittance landscape. To ensure the stability of Colombia’s financial system, the bank contemplates setting transaction and holding limits on the prospective CBDC.

Num Finance’s introduction of nCOP is a testament to the growing significance and potential of stablecoins in emerging markets. As the digital economy evolves, such innovations will likely play pivotal roles in reshaping financial landscapes globally.