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Zettle Ditches Its Payment Dongle In Favor of Contactless Solutions

There is much merit in streamlining the way people can accept payments. For merchants, accepting credit card transactions through an external dongle remains appealing. Zettle is ditching that functionality and replacing it with a contactless solution.

Zettle Gets Rid Of Its Dongle

Zettle, the payment outfit operating under the PayPal banner, will make a crucial change. The platform introduced a payment dongle for merchants to conveniently accept card payments through mobile devices. It is a cheaper way than opting for card terminals and introduces a certain level of convenience. Moreover, the dongle was part of Zettle’s mPOS approach from day one.

Since the acquisition of Zettle by PayPal, there has been a plan to phase out the need for this additional hardware slowly. Thanks to solid advancements in technology, it is now more convenient to accept contactless payments via mobile devices. Additionally, global contactless payment usage has ramped up significantly, warranting a different approach.

Even when using a debit or credit card, up to 70% will be contactless. That negates the need for a dongle or other “external” hardware, even if it is compatible with mobile devices and tablets. Contactless payment spending limits were raised in the UK, Sweden, and The Netherlands, making it a preferred payment option. The change makes sense across the board and will benefit both merchants and consumers.

PayPal UK’s Small Businesses Director Ben Ramsden adds:

“With Tap to Pay, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily start selling in-person – whether in a pop-up shop, at a farmers’ market, in a physical retail space, or on the go – with no additional costs or hardware needed.”