Things Get Busy For Starbucks As North American Demand For Gift Cards Keeps Accelerating

Major brands and chains hope for a prominent holiday season after the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Starbucks appears to be on the right track, as demand for coffee is not slowing down. Moreover, the chain notes a high increase in gift card purchases, as the gift of [free] coffee is appreciated by millions worldwide. 

Busy Days For Starbucks

When it comes to global coffee brands, no chain is as well-known as Starbucks. The company is active in dozens of countries through a tried-and-tested concept. Customers can acquire various coffee blends and types, other hot beverages, snacks, sandwiches, desserts, and more. Moreover, Starbucks locations are a great hangout and meeting place, primarily for younger generations. 

As the Christmas holidays are just around the corner, people scramble to find last-minute gifts for friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, etc. Starbucks gift cards will be in high demand for a few more days. Both physical and digital versions of these gift cards note rising sales figures already. Last year saw 46 million cards purchased during the holiday season.

Moreover, the appeal of reloadable gift cards remains appealing. It is a smart move to counter waste and e-waste and a viable way to let others top-up cards for people they love. These cards are also a great gift, even if the recipient already has a Starbucks card. Moreover, the cards can be sued across tens of thousands of locations worldwide, making it a universal currency of some sort. 

The overall appeal of gift cards is on the rise across North America. Almost 50% of all shoppers will buy at least one gift card this holiday season, making it a popular item behind only clothing. As a result, Starbucks gift cards are necessary for many people to start their day or get through the week. Moreover, Starbucks’ new holiday designs will strike a chord with many people. The company has introduced over 1,500 designs in the past 20 years.