women returning to office

Women Returning to the Office With Confidence

Research finds that, after a drop in numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic, women are returning to the office. In March of 2023, more women were active in the U.S. workforce (more than 77.8 million) compared to the number of women active in the workforce prior to the pandemic in February of 2020 (77.6 million). 


However, even as more women are returning to work, they face significant barriers, such as ageism, caregiving responsibilities, and lack of confidence. Women face pressure to maintain youthful beauty standards. Nearly one-fourth of women feel that their lack of confidence adversely impacts them in returning to work. 


Regardless of the barriers they face, women are determined to return to work. More women are investing in resources such as plastic surgery to regain their confidence in their physical appearances. Mommy Makeovers provide an opportunity for women to regain confidence in their physical appearance postpartum.

Why women are finally returning to the office
Source: Sieber Plastic Surgery