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Why The NFT Industry Needs Accredited Artists Like Gal Yosef

Many people wonder what is required to take NFTs into the mainstream. Despite generating media headlines regarding big-ticket sales in 2021, the real-world use cases remain limited. Meta Eagle Club, a new collection by Gal Yose,f changes that narrative and shows the importance of giving accredited artists a spotlight in this industry. 

Finding Things To Do With NFTs

No one can deny the current collections of NFTs are primarily speculative in nature, but do very little in the real world. Granted, one can flaunt their collection through digital displays, all in the hopes of prices going up over time. However, there is no real-world reason besides profit (or greed) to own most of the NFTs on the market today.

Although that is a normal development for a new industry, the mainstream has begun taking notice of non-fungible tokens lately. As such, the industry itself needs to evolve and come up with real-world reasons to create more NFTs or get people excited about them. One way of doing so is by getting more established artists involved in the industry, as they can be the gateway between the virtual and real world. 

There is no shortage of interest among celebrities looking to explore opportunities in this space. Lindsay Lohan is bringing “experimental NFTs΅ to the market via Superfandom. Famous footballers and music artists are buying onto Bored Ape Yacht Club, even though it is a speculative collection first and foremost. An accredited 3D artist, Gal Yosef is increasing his footprint on the NFT industry.

Although Yosef has noted success in the NFT space before – the Sotheby’s auction for a $214,000 NFT features artwork done by him – and is known for the Crypto Bulls Society collection artwork generated over $50 million in sales – his new collection is very different. It signifies a necessary wind of change in the NFT industry. 

Meta Eagles Club x Eden Gallery

Yosef’s new NFT collection, called Meta Eagles Club, adds a real-world element. It still has the typical Gal Yosef artwork, with incredibly detailed cartoon-esque avatars that seem to pop out of the screen. It is the first collection that will help establish the Galyverse, a virtual world of art. Meta Eagle Club spans 12,0000 captivating eagle avatars, bridging the gap between upscale art and community building.

Moreover, the collection introduces real-world benefits most other collections will never provide. The main benefits are access to exclusive physical gallery events, an evolving artistic vision, and bringing physical artwork to Eagle avatar owners. The process of bringing physical artwork to the NFT space is possible through NFT studio RNSNC, a recently established outfit by the world-renowned Eden Gallery. 

That international acclaimed gallery may be the gateway to bringing more people to the NFT industry. When accredited artists begin taking center stage, the industry can begin to grow and evolve.