future of work

What is The Future of Work?

It’s no surprise that the workforce is changing, even after the pandemic, people are reconsidering how work should be done in the years to come. When workers were asked their thoughts on returning to their current jobs, they all answered in varying degrees that they were unsatisfied with how they are working now. Questioning these workers further, 91% of them said that they are happier when they are given flexible hours with the option to work remotely. 61% of them stated that they would jump at the opportunity to work from home if presented. 


Moreover, 32% of them stated that they have even quit their previous jobs because the companies could not provide a remote or hybrid option post-pandemic. While there are still jobs that will require showing up in person, there has been new software that helps manage a team that is solely online. This is also coupled with the fact that AI is becoming more integrated into the workforce which gives the human worker time to do the more important tasks. 

Let’s explore the future of work in the infographic below:


Jobs Of The Future
Source: ExecutivePlacements.com