How Kentucky Is Connecting The Transfer Path

Helping students transfer from community college to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree is an essential part of Kentucky’s goal to have 60% of the population have a postsecondary credential or degree by 2030. Students who transfer can save a massive amount on tuition as the cost of college can be significantly reduced when students attend a community college for an associate degree and go on to transfer to a university for a bachelor’s degree.


But too few students who start this pathway achieve their goal in attaining a bachelor’s degree. While the 2 years of community college and 2 years in a bachelor’s program is a commonly known formula, only 8% of students nationally complete college in this manner.


Learn more about how Kentucky has connected the path from community colleges to universities with transfer and why this is a vital path to take for many students here.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative