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Top 4 Mobile Finance Apps On Android and iOS In 2022

It doesn’t often happen one sees an exact copy of popular mobile finance apps across both iOS and Android. However, the landscape has significantly changed in 2022, and noteworthy performers continue expanding their presence. Here are the top four financial apps on both major mobile operating systems in the U.S. today. 

Cash App

Most U.S. consumers will be familiar with Cash App, developed by Square Inc. It is a prominent application to access peer-to-peer finance services, including banking and investing. Moreover, users can spend, send, and save their money as they see fit. It is the leading mobile finance app on iOS and Android today. Moreover, Cash App continues to maintain a dominant lead over its competitors with relative ease. 


The PayPal app needs no introduction, as everyone knows what the service entails. Sending and receiving money conveniently benefits consumers, employees, businesses, and merchants. Moreover, the popular mobile finance wallet solution provides exposure to cryptocurrencies, enabling it to tap a larger market. In addition, users can earn cashback while shopping through the mobile app, which is always appealing. 


Venmo is a very convenient and popular mobile finance app. It has tremendous growth among teens and millennials as sending and receiving money is easy. Moreover, the native credit card provides users with rewards. Younger users rely on Venmo to split bills, too. Furthermore, Venmo has integrated cryptocurrency support in a recent update, a common trend among all major mobile finance apps. 


Although Zelle is one of the “newer”  mobile finance app options on iOS and Android – released in 2017 – it has risen the ranks very quickly. It is the fourth most popular mobile finance app today, focusing solely on making money move more quickly and efficiently. Zelle users can send and receive money quickly through the native app or if the service is integrated into a bank or credit union’s portals. Users can send money to any email address or U.S. mobile phone number.