Top 4 Cryptocurrency Apps for Iphone In January 2023

Gaining exposure to cryptocurrencies is often done through mobile devices. iPhone Users seem to favor several specific applications for that purpose. Not all of them let users directly own cryptocurrency, though, but that doesn’t diminish their success.

Robinhood (Investing)

Most people will know about Robinhood by now. It is a prominent investing app providing exposure to cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, options, etc. In addition, the company provides all of this functionality at zero commission fees. Users who invest in crypto through Robinhood will not own the assets they seek exposure to. 

Nor can they move funds to their non-custodial wallet, although that will likely change in the future. The app ranks 24th in the “free finance apps” for iPhone, and has an overall 4-star rating. However, nearly 15% of its App Store reviews are 1 star. 

Webull (Investing & trading)

The Webull platform is an established name in the finance and business categories. Like Robinhood, the app lets users invest in cryptocurrency, stocks, options, and ETFs without charging any commission. Sadly, this platform doesn’t let users withdraw crypto either, as there are no native wallets. A beta wallet service is scheduled to roll out soon, though, which is a welcome change. 

Webull ranks 27th in free finance apps for iPhone, yet 422nd for overall free apps. It has a 4.5-star rating overall and far fewer one-star reviews than Robinhood. 

Coinbase (Buying, Selling, Trading)

The first popular mobile app for iPhone where users can control their crypto assets is Coinbase. It is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. Users can purchase dozens of crypto assets through the app and withdraw funds to their non-custodial wallet. 

In addition, users can earn crypto by completing small tasks and educating themselves on blockchain matters. The app also offers support for NFTs and other Web3 functionality. Coinbase is the 35th most-popular free finance app on iPhone and has a 4.75-star rating. It does have over 53,700 one-star reviews, though.

Trust Wallet (Buying & Managing Crypto Assets)

The Trust Wallet ecosystem has become much more than a regular crypto wallet. Although that core functionality remains in place, users can also explore NFTs, trade assets through Binance DEX – Uniswap – PancakeSwap, play blockchain games, and access decentralized finance protocols. 

Moreover, users can buy crypto directly from the wallet and stake eligible assets to create a passive revenue stream. Trust Wallet ranks 54th in free finance apps for iPhone and has a 4.75-star rating. Its reviews are primarily positive, although some people will always complain if something isn’t immediately to their liking.