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Till Payments And Alipay+ Tackle Payments In Australia’s Higher Education Sector

Financial education remains in high demand all over the world. Alipay+ and Till Payments introduce a new educational tool for the Australian market. It is a welcome addition for international students looking to pay through their Alipay+ wallet. 

Australian Rollout For Alipay+ 

Through the partnership, Till Payments and Alipay+ aim to simplify tuition payments for international students enrolled across many Australian universities. Additionally, the partnership will help integrate Alipay+ payments into campus commerce systems, streamlining access to products and services. It is a solid approach that makes life a bit easier for international students without disrupting the way traditional payments occur. 

Moreover, the initiative is part of a broader educational push by Till Payments and Alipay+. Both entities joined forces to focus on Australia primarily, representing a $20 billion international education market. It will strengthen Australia’s position in the finance and payment landscape and solidify the way students can conduct on-campus payment transactions. 

Till Payments’s Fleur Garcia adds:

“Our experiences as consumers, as businesses, as individuals are becoming hyper-globalised. Thanks to the internet and digital technologies, many of us now have the world at our fingertips and the exponential uptick in global trade via eCommerce, at a time during the pandemic when physical borders were closed, is a testament to the power and potential of modern globalisation.”

While this may seem like a small-scale initiative, it is part of a growing push to streamline borderless payments. Starting with an education-oriented initiative like this one is a solid starting point. Moreover, having the support of Alipay+ is a significant deal and showcases the eagerness of merchants, partners, and end-consumers to explore these new opportunities.