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These 3 Regions May Become A Fintech Hotspot In The Next Five Years

Unicorns are crucial to investors in any sector. The fintech industry has seen dozens of unicorns over the years, although it remains essential to look to the future. Several regions position themselves as a potential hotspot for major fintech firms at high valuations for various reasons. 

India Has A Stellar 2021

Although the news has flown under the radar somewhat, there have been multiple fintech unicorns in India this year alone. Four companies achieved that status, which is a rather impressive number. More importantly, analysts expect a tripling in fintech firm valuation over the coming years, bringing the total to up to $160 billion by 2025. It is something to look forward to, as demand for exposure to financial technology providers keeps rising. 

Moreover, the local fintech industry is booming, confirming the hotspot nature of the country. More than two in three companies in that industry were founded in the past five years. Interestingly, there is a strong focus on payments, transactions, and insurance, three areas that warrant more competition and innovation. 

India’s most prominent fintech player is Paytm, valued at roughly $25 billion. Transforming payments and transactions will prove crucial, even if it is a harsh landscape to navigate. However, the unicorn hotspot has seen 40% of its high-value companies originate from fintech in 2021, confirming there are still many opportunities to explore. 

Brazil Has Tremendous Potential

One of the next global fintech hubs may come from a region one wouldn’t necessarily expect: Brazil. In Latin America, it is the second-largest fintech-oriented country, even if the rest of the world may not know much about it. Moreover, hundreds of fintech companies in Brazil provide exposure to various products, services, and concepts. It is a sign of healthy industry growth and may yield a growing number of unicorns over the coming years. 

After a few years of struggle, the Central Bank of Brazil has finally embraced the idea of more market competition. Innovation can only occur if there is room to compete with existing players, as many aspects of finance can benefit from a different vision and approach. Moreover, Brazil will increase the focus on financial education. That latter aspect needs to occur in most countries worldwide. 

In early 2021, the Central Bank of Brazil implemented open banking. The country is behind the curve on that front, yet it is never too late. Open banking will pave the way for new fintech companies to emerge and explore market opportunities. 

Malaysia Is A Promising Hotspot

Another country where one might not expect to find fintech unicorns is Malaysia. It is a region home to many underbanked and unbanked people. Even so, those people confirm the need for financial innovation and new products and services. Hence, it is an excellent location to explore fintech opportunities. That positions Malaysia as a potential future hotspot for such companies. 

One beneficial aspect is how there is a high number of smartphone users. Recent fintech-oriented developments focus on mobile, making Malaysia an exciting market to explore. Moreover, the region’s current fintech landscape primarily focuses on mobile wallets and digital payments. Companies will achieve a higher valuation as those concepts gain more traction and users.