The soundest of the movie world is spearheading the Prime Ape Planet NFT project and here is what you should be knowing!

The blockchain’s most significant asset has been Non-Fungible tokens. The statement is not an exaggeration because the total trade volume has increased to a whopping $17.6 Billion in 2021 from $87.6 million in 2020 which is a nearly 21,000% significant increase. With projects like the Prime Ape Planet on the blockchain, this data makes sense. 

Prime Ape Planet is probably one of the most interesting projects that have the most scintillating collection of NFTs. Every NFT in the prime ape planet is designed and curated by some of the best minds in the artistic world. 

Apart from the amazing NFT collection, the modus operandi of the Prime Ape Planet project focuses more on making it a community-inclusive project. The ecosystem is being revamped to adapt to that. 

The Prime Ape Planet Ecosystem’s Success:

The current ecosystem of the project acts as a host to one of the most desirable NFT collections on the blockchain. The NFT collection is categorized into three segments which are, The Prime Kong NFT Collection, The Prime Ape NFT collection, and The Infected Prime Ape NFT collection which is the most unique of them all. 

All of these NFTs have shown record-breaking pre-sales. To put things into perspective, The Prime Kong NFT sold out within two minutes of release at a trading volume of 4.9K ETH worth $10+ million. The prime ape NFT sold out within the first 38 minutes of the sale at a trading volume of 29.3K ETH estimated at $84 million. 

NFT Collection:

Out of the many things done right, the project has a core NFT creation team that just works right in many aspects. The design team contains Kurtis Dawe who is one of the brilliant minds that has worked on Disney masterpieces like the Lion King. The texturing and rendering of the NFT are taken care of by Travis Smith known for his intricate attention to detail. The last piece of the amazing team is Chris Hogstead who is a reputed visual effects expert who has worked on projects like The Witchers, Avengers Infinity/End Game, etc. 

NFT Customization and Specialization:

Apart from the mainstream collection, the project also allows the users to create a unique version of their Prime Ape NFTs. Holders can combine their Prime Ape NFTs with poisoned bananas to create infected prime Ape NFTs that will have a unique dimension without changing the base ape’s facial expressions and characteristics. 

The project with amazing sale projections is also home to more than 400,000 members who are active on discord. With a heavy user project, 

the complete ecosystem of the project is rolling out features and extensions to the current platform to make it a holder exclusive project. 

Key highlights of the upcoming Holder Exclusive platform:

The upcoming holder exclusive platform focuses on various aspects, from forums to making decisions on the upcoming project features, Native tokens, real-world utilities, brand merchandise line, and many more. All of these inclusions are aimed at making it a more community-powered core NFT project. 

Native Token Release:

The holder-exclusive platform will allow the holders to stake their NFTs on the platform to earn their upcoming native token expected to release in late May 2022. The token can be used by the users for various applications like purchasing merchandise from the brand line, reserving early-bird spots on upcoming blue-chip projects, access to the native play-to-earn games, swapping to ETH for liquidity, and much more.

The larger aim in the picture for the prime ape planet project is to build a circular economy project. This model will not only allow the users to be a part of a give and receive project but also benefit the reliability and stability of the complete project with regular transactions trades. The holder-exclusive platform is almost done with final touches being added to it by blockchain experts.