The Property Ownership of Tomorrow: NextGen Real Estate NFTs by LEND7

Consider a world where anybody can invest in real estate without a slew of middlemen, a huge initial capital investment, or never-ending legal hurdles. We made it happen.

LEND7, a newly launched crowdfunding platform, opens doors for all market participants, transforming the old real estate business into a fully digital solution with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at the forefront. 

In 2021, NFTs reached a market value of $22 billion, gaining colossal interest from broader audiences — especially cryptocurrency and Web3 communities, who were thrilled by the opportunity to fully own something on the Internet. 

“NFTs put value and control in the hands of their owner. Thus, the Internet and industries of the future belong to those who create and hold NFTs. For real estate, we have brought the future now.” – Sebastian Bittar, CFO of LEND7 

LEND7 aspires to break the real estate industry obstacles of limited investor access, low liquidity, and the absence of transparency while converting real estate assets and business receivables into NFTs. 

The ultimate goal of LEND7 is to combine the traditional real estate industry and blockchain technology and Web3 communities by: 

  • Reducing the real estate entry capital requirements for greater industry accessibility.
  • Speeding up the real estate investment process with lower transaction costs and providing immediate value to owners.
  • Removing middlemen for better transparency and giving real estate investors and business owners more control.

Unlike many NFT projects, LEND7 is fully focused on utility and putting NFT technology to work in the real world. This will enable the project to thrive over the long run, even during crypto crashes like the one we saw in May.  

Once real estate NFTs are in the wallets of folks, LEND7 is confident people will quickly see the benefits and become even more engaged. This should help LEND7 build a loyal community and achieve sustainable success.  

A LEND7 private sale is now live and will last until 7 p.m., UTC, June 27th! Both retail and institutional investors have shown great interest in the token offering. Stay in touch with LEND7 at or check out

About LEND7 

The founding team behind LEND7 comprises real estate and blockchain experts with extensive backgrounds in FinTech and proven experience in successful crowdfunding project kickoffs. 

LEND7 is building a global network for real estate investing and fundraising driven by the Cardano blockchain, combining pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability for the project. 

Eventually, LEND7 aims to become a complete ecosystem for the tokenized real estate industry, bringing full transparency and liquidity to real estate and cryptocurrency communities. 

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