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The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineers

In 2021, the “DevOps Engineer” emerged as the most sought-after profession, emblematic of the burgeoning Mobile DevOps market, projected to soar from $7 billion to a staggering $51 billion by 2030.  This surge (24.7% CAGR) accompanies an increased demand for DevOps skills, emphasized by recruiters and mirrored by key growth metrics in 2022: app downloads escalated by 11%, mobile ad spend rose by 14%, and in-app usage increased by 3%.


The crucial role of Mobile DevOps engineers is underscored by the growing reliance on mobile applications for revenue generation.  Statistics reveal that 33% of American retailers, 42% of small businesses, and 55% of millennial-owned businesses possess at least one app.  However, an upswing in mobile app usage, industry competition, and user expectations has escalated the demand for Mobile DevOps engineers to expedite deployment, fortify cybersecurity, and deliver seamless user experiences.


DevOps tools, particularly CI/CD, are gaining traction, being used by one in five developers.  These tools have proven effective, with 49% of companies reporting reduced time-to-market, and 61% of developers noticing improved deliverable quality.  Among these tools, Bitrise stands out, utilized by over half of all mobile unicorn startups.  In the words of Bitrise CEO Barnabas Birmacher, a mobile-first approach “…streamlines…development and operations,” driving the industry towards a bright Mobile DevOps future.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise