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Supplement Industry: Health Fad or More?

Even though the era of the pandemic has passed, people are still increasing their efforts to stay healthy. This is no more evident than seeing the rise of the supplement industry reaching record-high sales. In 2020 alone, household vitamin purchases rose to 90%. Expanding from that all demographics have increased their intake of vitamins by around 74%-75%. This new fervor for vitamin intake could have been caused by a new scientific backing that was discovered when assessing the benefits of vitamins. Vitamins have the potential to improve physiological, cognitive, and functional outcomes. They can reduce injuries and improve performance during workouts, as well may slow the rate of brain shrinkage.

However, this surge in supplement use is far from a fading trend. In fact, the supplement industry is projected to reach a global value of $98.6 by 2031 at a 7.6% growth rate — signaling fast changes and upcoming trends. One of the newer methods to make vitamins more appealing to the general populous is to make them into things like gummies, coffee, drink powders, and the like. Learn more in the infographic below:

The Big Business of Supplements