student finance

Student Finance and Achieving Higher Education

Anyone pursuing higher education should save as much as they can to avoid financial setbacks as they make big strides in pursuing their higher education. Saving requires action and diligence and it is done by slowly and consistently putting money aside until a financial goal is met. College students that save will be less indebted and have more freedom to choose which institution will suit them best. 


However, saving is one part of the equation for students to successfully graduate. They must also “save” their money by selecting institutions that will save them the most money on tuition and campus resources. Tuition has gone up by 35% across the country since 2008 which is why students should look into schools that will keep a flat tuition rate during their time at school. Many organizations such as the CPE Kentucky Student Success Collaborative support colleges by working out solutions with schools so that more students can attend universities by primarily working on resource availability and affordable college tuition.

Supporting Student Basic Needs
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative