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Stripe Launches An App Marketplace To Help Businesses Customize Their Experience

Stripe continues to make inroads in the fintech industry. The popular payment giant has now launched its App Marketplace featuring dozens of third-party business solutions. Vendors include DocuSign, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Xero, and many others. 

Stripe Has An App Marketplace

It is interesting to see the direction Stripe is headed in these past few months. The company intends to make life much easier for businesses, and not just on the payments front. Introducing business apps from third-party vendors is rather exciting and helps Stripe customers customize their interface and experience. It is a milestone for the company and will help elevate its appeal. 

Businesses can benefit from automated sharing of contextual information, keeping records in sync, and gaining a better overview of their business through the applications. The App Marketplace currently supports several dozen applications and spans core functionality ranging from accounting to CRM and eSignatures to marketing.

Stripe Apps head of product Bowen Pan adds:

“With Stripe Apps, businesses can customize Stripe with their SaaS tools to best serve their customers. We’re excited for this new chapter and can’t wait to see the ingenuity of all the apps that developers will build in the months and years ahead.”

Moreover, the App Marketplace is open to developers looking to create and publish apps directly. Stripe has a reach of millions of businesses worldwide, creating a valuable platform for app developers looking to help businesses streamline their operations. Additionally, the App Marketplace lets builders develop custom applications for their own company, which is a welcome addition.