Staying Focused Without Caffeine

Every day we’re hounded by advertisements and other marketing messages that demand our attention away from what we’re focusing on. The very environment around us has become the enemy with these distractions taking more and more time out of our days. Distractions are costly when attention is so valuable – per person, time lost in this way costs businesses $10,000 per year. Being distracted also leads to more errors and less efficient work, piling up even more lost time. 


In an effort to combat losing focus, many have turned to coffee, tea, and other sources of caffeine. Over 40% of Millennials are consuming some kind of food or drink with caffeine in it. Although many cite benefits to these goods, caffeine commonly has been shown to have a number of negative effects. The most common of these downsides is a loss of sleep; caffeine may reduce total sleep time by an hour and often increases fatigue. Relying on caffeine in this way just isn’t reliable. 

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How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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