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Several TSB Customers Have Payments Debited Twice, Wiping Their Accounts

There is always some controversy in the banking sector. TSB has seemingly taken payments twice from an undisclosed number of accounts. Bank customers are not happy with this development, and a solution needs to be offered soon.

TSB Makes A Weird Move

It still remains unclear what happened to TSB customers exactly. More specifically, multiple users have noted duplicate payments deducted from their accounts. Unfortunately, the reason for this double debit is unclear, and TSB has yet to issue an official explanation for this issue.

It seems the issue affects some users but not others. The bank initially transferred funds to settle payments and then took from customer accounts a second time shortly after. As a result, numerous TSB clients have their accounts in the red, making them subject to overdraft fees and other potential charges. 

A TSB spokesperson mentioned:

“We’re aware of some issues related to duplicate payments on some customers’ accounts. We’re working hard to fix these issues and will ensure customers are refunded for duplicate payments. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.”

A plausible comment, were it not that this “bug” affects payments dating back two weeks ago. If the money had been debited twice on the same day, one could blame it on a system glitch. Taking funds out of people’s accounts two weeks after the fact is very strange ad suspicious. One can only hope TSB customers can recover their funds and restore their accounts soon.