Scotland Wants To Create Over 20,000 Fintech Jobs By 2032

Scotland aims to strengthen its position in the fintech industry. Through its new event series, the country aims to establish over 20,000 new fintech-related jobs in the next ten years. An ambitious goal, but the support of focus groups can make it a viable goal.

Scotland And Fintech

Many people associate the United Kingdom with fintech and finance developments. However, most of those events and jobs are found in England and Ireland, whereas Wales and Scotland seem to lag a bit behind the curve. However, that situation may change over the next decade, courtesy of a new event series to boost fintech growth in the country.

These events will take place across Scotland and are part of the government’s plan to establish thousands of new fintech jobs. Creating 20,000 jobs in ten years is very ambitious, but it is not impossible. Scotland has seen a financial technology boom like most other developed countries. The next objective is to increase the region’s economic value three-fold. 

Fintech Scotland Chief Executive Nicola Anderson adds:

“This Roadmap event series continues to show the demand and ambition across Scotland to play a leading role in the shaping the future of fintech innovation, and enable the future of finance that will serve the needs of citizens and businesses as we continue to see the digital economy grow and emerge.”

Fintech Tables will introduce a new research and innovation event series through 2024. These events will fuel discussion across the four primary pillars of the fintech roadmap: regulation, payments, open finance data, and climate finance. All of these topics are crucial and create many exciting opportunities, but only if the accompanying framework can sustain growth.