Scotcoin Developers Attempt A Short-Term Pump Through ProBit Global Listing

It is interesting to see how some older crypto projects tend to make a comeback when people least expect it. Scotcoin has been around for several years, although it never amounted to much. For some reason, it will be listed on the Probit Global exchange, sparking renewed interest. 

Scotcoin Still Isn’t Dead

Most people who got involved in cryptocurrency have done so in recent years. They are blissfully unaware of older projects that tried to impact the industry but came up woefully short. One such effort is Scotcoin, a “currency for a social purpose. Initially developed in 2013, the project has the backing of the Scotcoin project CIC, although it is not a recognized cryptocurrency in the country.

More specifically, this is not a CBDC or other government-based project. It is designed by enthusiasts and holds no legal value. The team thinks it can tackle poverty and environmental issues over time. Additionally, one can use the currency to send and receive money without paying gas fees. It is not too different from most other altcoins, which serve zero specific purposes and value. 

For some unknown reason, Scotcoin is now at the center of attention again. The currency has made its way to the Probit Global exchange, where it will gain at least one trading pair. There is no explanation why Probit Global decided to revitalize this project or if Scotcoin has suddenly found a pressing purpose. It is more likely someone from the team paid the exchange to list the coin in the hopes of profiting from its trading volume and potential price push.

Moreover, the Scotcoin team sees this listing as a gateway to funding a professional full-time management team. The project still has no active business plan to work with partners and deliver on initiatives. While anything is possible in theory, finding a legitimate use case will take much more effort to excite people about this currency.