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Revolut Educated Over 1.5 Million On Cryptocurrency So Far

Educating the people on cryptocurrency is necessary, although attracting people remains tricky. Revolut recently introduced a set of crypto courses to speed up that process. So far, the courses have been explored by 1.5 million users, which is a good start.

Crypto Courses Prove Popular

Whenever financial institutions or service providers engage in cryptocurrency content, the outcome can be a hit or miss. Revolut has put together a compelling course on cryptocurrency, which people seem to enjoy quite a bit. Although there were some concerns over what information users could access, there is a growing demand for knowledge regarding bitcoin and other digital assets. 

Through its Learn & Earn courses, Revolut customers earn Dot tokens as they improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the courses cover adjacent topics, including blockchain technology, Web3, and other advanced topics. With 1.5 million customers across several dozen countries engaging in these courses and completing them, more people have become aware of cryptocurrencies. 

One of the fastest-growing regions for these crypto courses is Britain. Not entirely surprising, as the region is home to record inflation rates. Revolut, which is a British firm, saw a 20% increase in Britons making cryptocurrency transactions. That is a substantial increase, although nothing to tip the scales suddenly. 

Furthermore, users educating themselves on cryptocurrency can acquire several dozen assets through the Revolut application. That includes using stop and limit orders and recurring buy and spare change roundups to grow one’s portfolio further. Although the company still needs regulatory approval to offer additional crypto services in the UK, Revolut remains committed to exploring this industry.