Having the support of a major gaming brand - through the Razer Fintech arm - is a big boon for STACS.

Razer Sets Sights On ESG Compliance Through Restorify Initiative

Razer, the famous gaming-focused brand, wants to help its users offset their carbon emissions. More specifically, the company agreed to a partnership with STACS, an ESG firm. Together, they will introduce a new e-commerce solution capable of providing carbon-neutral checkout solutions.

An Unexpected Move By Razer

Most people know the Razer brand for its long line of gaming peripherals. The company has done everything from keyboards and mice to headsets and microphones. It even demoed a triple-screen laptop several years ago until that unit was stolen, and the entire project was put on ice. Razer makes and ships many products worldwide, which has an impact on the environment.

That situation will come to change through a new ESG initiative. Through a partnership with STACS, Razer will launch Restorify. It is a new eCommerce platform that enables global customers to offset carbon emissions. In addition, every purchase of a Razer product will help engage in an individual carbon offset. It is a smart move to help fight climate change, although its impact may be minimal. 

Offsetting the carbon emissions occurs through recording them on the STACS ESGpedia registry. For those unaware, the registry can enhance the tracing and transparency of the carbon credit value chain. There is a substantial focus on achieving a carbon-neutral state, although not all initiatives are alike. Adhering to ESG guidelines is necessary, but carbon credits have a checkered history. 

Razer will enable other merchants to use its Restorify service in the future. However, the initial rollout will be for the black-and-green brand only. In the future, the brand will work with STACS to achieve decarbonization for Razer’s entire supply chain. That is a rather ambitious goal, but it sends a strong signal to the broader manufacturing industry. 

A Big Boon For STACS

The ESGpedia registry deployed by STACS has built strong momentum in recent months. The MAS uses it through its Greenprint ESG Registry. That venture is part of the Project Greenprint initiative, which spans four digital utility platforms. 

STACS Managing Director Benjamin Soh adds:

“STACS aims to enable corporates of all sizes to navigate the opportunities in going green via holistic ESG data and technology. We are honoured to be partnering Razer in its journey towards spearheading sustainability amongst consumers via enhancing transparency in its carbon credits processes.”

Having the support of a major gaming brand – through the Razer Fintech arm – is a big boon for STACS. Moreover, it highlights the importance of ESG efforts.