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Qori Enables Bank And Crypto Payments Without Proprietary Software Requirements

Merging the best of traditional finance and cryptocurrency introduces some exciting opportunities. Qori, a French startup, lets European customers pay in-store or online through bank and crypto payment options. More importantly, its streamlined experience doesn’t require using a proprietary application. 

Qori May Have Struck Gold

It is essential to give customers a range of payment options. Whether they shop in-store or online isn’t too relevant, as everyone prefers convenience. That means offering a bit of everything without forcing people to download yet another application or install computer software. French startup Qori might have cracked that code, as it enables seamless access to bank and crypto payments in Europe. 

Hundreds of thousands of merchants can tap into this new payment solution. Qori has struck key strategic partnerships with multiple European payment service providers, terminal distributors,, payment hardware manufacturers, and e-commerce service providers. It gives merchants more options to expand their customer base without invasive methods or requirements, while customers can opt for their preferred payment solution. 

Qori CEO Daniel Maurice-Vallerey commented on his company’s launch:

“Today, two fundamental trends are disrupting the payments industry and challenging the central role of cards: open banking and crypto. Qori is seizing this unique opportunity to become the preferred multi-channel payment method for in-store, e-commerce and remote transactions.” 

To make this vision become a reality, Qori raised 1.8 million EUR in seed funding. It is a good war chest to begin its venture in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Expanding further to other countries is a top priority, as is expanding the development team. It is unclear when the solution will land in other European countries.