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Sweepstakes Casino: Winning Prizes Without Gambling

Sweepstakes casinos are quickly growing in popularity across the U.S. With casino gambling heavily restricted in most states, many Americans used to turn to illegal and dangerous online sites to play casino games. Now, sweepstakes casinos allow players to experience the fun of playing games and winning prizes without having to gamble.


If these sites allow players to participate in casino games and win cash along with other prizes, how is it not considered gambling? It is because they are considered sweepstakes. Also known as ‘Sweeps’, these are contests in which prizes are randomly distributed to players that enter without having to pay their own money. 


In other words, players do not have to put down a deposit, but they are still able to collect coins or tokens as they play. These tokens are able to be traded for prizes, even cash! Players have won more than $50,000 in social casinos, with no obligation to spend any of their own money. 


If you are looking to play casino-like games and win cash without having to gamble, sweepstakes casinos may be a great option. Learn more about these sites and how to win big without gambling your money in the infographic below:

Your Guide to Sweepstakes Casinos
Source: OddsSeeker.com