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Paystand Enables Bitcoin Rewards On Corporate Card Purchases

Many people struggle to enter the cryptocurrency space. It has become more convenient to acquire bitcoin from companies, yet the initial hurdles remain. Paystand makes it a bit easier through its new business expense card.

Paystand Makes A Bold Move

It is interesting to see companies explore new opportunities to help users acquire bitcoin. Paystand, a  blockchain B2B payments specialist, does so through a new corporate expense card. The DeFi Corporate Card instantly provisions virtual and physical cards, advanced spending controls, and real-time expense reporting. 

Furthermore, the card helps businesses earn bitcoin rewards by default. That offer applies to every purchase made with the card. Users do not need to use wallets or access exchanges, enabling a streamlined and seamless integration. Paystand aims to support other cryptocurrency rewards in the future. 

Paystand CEO Jeremy Almond adds:

“By giving businesses a next-gen spend management product that solves everyday pain points and gives them exposure to crypto in the form of rewards, we enable them to participate in the open financial network and benefit from greater control over their finances.”