OptionBlitz Platform Leverages Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol Arbitrum for Zero-day Trading Options

Decentralized options & social trading platform OptionBlitz is leveraging Ethereum protocol, Arbitrum, to bring speed, scalability and lower transaction costs to its community. The trading platform offers a unique trading experience with popular derivatives like the emerging class of ‘zero-day’ options, and the world’s first DeFi Perpetual Turbos.

Arbitrum is a layer 2 solution that improves the capabilities of Ethereum smart contracts by boosting their speed and scalability. This protocol is the linchpin for the OptionBlitz platform, enabling it to to offer traders Zero-day options, and over 22 trading pairs.

Zero-day options are one of the hottest things in trading right as they offer huge variability and flexibility with ultra short-term trades. OptionBlitz users can avail themselves of this new form of trading and set up trades from 10 seconds, up to 24hrs, thus granting an unparalleled level of control of the timespan of their trades, unleashing new trading strategies not previously possible in DeFi.

Perpetual Turbos are wholly unique to OptionBlitz and work like a cross between a future and an option. However, unlike margin trading, OptionBlitz users will pay an initial outlay based on their chosen leverage, so there are no margin calls or maintenance margin liquidations. This unique type of option offer traders up to 1:200 leverage, no expiration, 0% slippage and a fixed 0.1% fee.

The OptionBlitz platform is ideal for social traders with its Web 3.0-enabled in-app chat, deep social sentiment analytics, free trading signals, indicators, and a social hub that offers verifiable on-chain proof of trade to help users create their own authentic brand. Advanced risk management systems keep liquidity safe & keep product pricing accurate to the market.

The platform’s native BLX token is the foundation of the economy that supports the platform’s incentive model and other feaures like its affiliate program, discounts on trading fees, liquidity provider rewards, and other exclusive features. The platform also caters to traders that like their privacy and onboarding efficiency with no registration, or KYC procedures.

The company is currently working on the development of unique, freely transferable, tokenized stocks, whilst the platform transitions into a fully featured investment hub over the course of 2023. Further plans to integrate with other DeFi partners to bring an open, transparent, and censorship-resistant future to the global trading industry are also in the works.

To emphasize its community’s importance, OptionBlitz will run a two-stage BLX token pre-sale from February 28th to March 28th, 2023. After the token sales have been completed, the BLX token will be available to trade on Uniswap DEX immediately with agreements in principle confirmed for CEXs; Bitmart, Lbank, and Probit.