One Asian Central Bank Acquires A Banknote Disinfection Solution

Things are getting pretty interesting in Asia. One of its central banks wants to experiment with a banknote disinfection system. The solution is sold by Spectra Systems Corporations and marks an industry-first in the region.

Banknote Disinfection Seems Logical

Given the global pandemic the world is still going through, it makes sense to explore a banknote disinfection system. Even so, such solutions are not commonplace, especially not in Asia. An unnamed Asian central bank is now setting an unexpected precedent by incorporating a solution from Spectra Systems Corporation. It is also the first sale of a disinfection unit for Spectra.

The company boasts patented technology through an oxygen-free environment and heat to eliminate various pathogens, including mold and Sars-2, in paper and polymer banknotes. That is an intriguing solution, and the fact it requires no external gasses makes for a compelling argument. Instead, oxygen is extracted from the air, and pure nitrogen is pumped into the heating unit.

Spectra CEO Nabil Lawandy adds:

“Whilst this first sale is not expected to materially impact our performance this year, we are optimistic that it will open the door to additional sales as central banks are seeing higher demands for cash with rising inflation while processing staff continue to struggle with pathogens ranging from common E. coli to Sars-2 and now monkeypox.”

Banknote disinfection is a more serious topic of conversation since the beginning of COVID-19. China and Korea have thoroughly disinfected used notes, even if it was deemed a very low risk of transmitting the virus via bank notes. That doesn’t mean bank notes cannot transfer other pathogens, and investing in a disinfection system remains a viable option,