New Trading Platform 4X.FM Officially Launched

The growth and success of online trading platforms like cryptocurrency and forex are failing because of some unreputable platforms. What is more, the value of oil and gold is also tanking. This is an indication of the struggles going around the economy of the world. If corrective measures are not taken, the world will fall into economic depression.

At such moments, the first instinct is to hoard money, but looking back at past occurrences, the economy can only be healed if people work on growing wealth and not hiding money. 4X.FM, a value trading platform, has decided to stand in the gap and help traders safely invest in cryptocurrency, stock market, forex, and commodities.

What is 4X.FM

4X.FM is a trading platform created for the average investor. It aims to help traders understand the art of trading, trading products, and how to buy and sell. The design of 4X.FM is structured to help traders avoid mistakes that cause many people to lose money online.

The platform’s design features charts with candles and sticks to help mid-level experienced online investors to study the ongoing trends. Registered traders can zoom the charts in and out to view what has been happening in the market from that very minute to thirty days ago.

Did you know that colors have an impact on the human brain? The developers of 4X.FM understand the calming effect of colors which is why the website design features colors to show simplicity.

It might seem like a small irrelevant detail, but it plays an essential role for the traders. The Facebook-like color theme relaxes the traders’ minds and helps them focus and concentrate on the numbers. The simplicity and colors of 4X.FM does not translate to poor functionality.

4X.FM stands out among other online trading websites whose designs are meant to rush and stress the traders’ brains and hence the numerous mistakes.

Copy Trader Function

The “copy trader” function is another unique and outstanding feature of the 4X.FM platform. The copy trader function under the “community tab” is designed to help new traders identify and follow the top investors. A click on the function will give you access to favorite traders, Top investors, most copied traders, or the highest performing trade.

If you want to see what is available for sale or buy, click on the “personal trading tab’ and all the options will be presented to you. Some tradable commodities available for registered traders include gold, copper, oil, gasoline, corn, sugar, platinum, and silver, among other commodities.

What about cryptocurrency? You can also buy and sell cryptocurrency under the personal trading tab. Some top-listed coins include Bitcoin, Stellar, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Solana, VeChain, and Avalanche.

Apart from commodities and crypto coins, 4X.FM also allows Stock market and Forex trading. The stocks and forex are considered safer because they have been on the market for a long time compared to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, learn more about the safer options if you are not willing to risk your hard-earned money.

In addition to safety, the Stock trading of 4X.FM is rated among the easiest to use on the market. The ticker symbol and the stock price are displayed on the right of the stock logo.

4X.FM also supports various currencies around the world. Forex traders can buy and sell using Canadian dollars, US Dollars, Chinese Yen, Japanese Yen, South African Rand, Great British Pounds, and Australian Dollars, among other world currencies.

Safe Trading

New investors shy from online trading platforms because of the numerous scamming escapes. 4X.FM came in to remedy the situation and save the world from economic depression by providing a safe trading platform. The developers of 4X. FM’s primary goal is to prevent losses by encouraging registered traders to set a loss limit under the “safe trading” feature.

Seasoned technicians designed the 4X.FM platform to eliminate flaws in other trading sites that lead to confusion or actions leading to investors losing money. In addition, unlike existing trading platforms, 4X.FM is not preventing the pulling of funds because they are new and that is the only way to grow. The safety and no limitations guarantee make it a worth-trying trading platform.