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Microsoft and CaixaBank Team Up To Create Hybrid Workspaces In The Metaverse

CaixaBank and Microsoft have high expectations for the virtual worlds of the future. With the help of an AI-focused approach, both parties will explore new metaverse opportunities. The ultimate goal is to establish a virtual environment where people can work without real-life distractions. 

Microsoft x CaixaBank

Seeing an established financial provider team up with the most significant technology provider globally is remarkable. The Metaverse has attracted much attention from various players, even if there is little to show. Contrary to what most people think, the Metaverse does not exist yet, as its infrastructure is still developing. That makes building virtual world-oriented solutions pretty challenging, although not impossible. 

Under the new agreement, AI specialists from CaixaBank Tech will work with Microsoft’s developers, data scientists, and machine learning experts. The AI-focused research and development will occur in Barcelona through the AI Innovation Lab. Its focus is on building concepts, prototypes, and use cases to determine how artificial intelligence can impact financial services and products for the better. 

A joint statement by both players confirms:

“The metaverse offers multiple possibilities in the financial sector, from the creation of a new interaction channel enhancing customer experience, to the creation of internal collaboration models in virtual branches, the incorporation and development of talent, and much more.”

Another option to explore is the building of virtual environments. These smaller metaverses will provide immersive elements to create hybrid work environments for people of all ages. It is unclear what this will lead to exactly, although there is no limit as to what these partners can achieve. Anything and everything is possible in the metaverse, for better or worse.