Libra Incentix Everything You Need to Know

We are witnessing one of the biggest changes in the financial industry since the introduction of paper money. In fact, the change is even bigger than that, considering that paper money was simply a different form of payment, but it still represented a centralized currency, fully managed and controlled by the banks.

The cryptocurrency industry, on the other hand, is decentralized. It is managed by the community, modified by the community, issued by the community, and used by the community. However, with the events of the last several years, such as the growing prices, the rise of multiple massive trends, and the fact that institutional investors are now accessing crypto in great number — there is no longer any doubt in anyone’s mind that the cryptocurrency is here to stay.

This means that business of all sizes will, sooner or later, have to switch to crypto. PayPal already realized this, and so did Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Starbucks, and a number of other major corporations that are already involved with crypto in one way or the other. Now is the time for smaller businesses to accept that the change is coming and to gain advantage over their competitors by being among the first to accept digital coin payments.

However, this may seem like a complicated matter, and it is understandable that they are hesitating as they don’t feel like they understand what they need to do and how to do it. This is why Libra Incentix emerged, in order to help them complete this transition.

What is Libra Incentix?

Libra Incentix is a consultancy, specializing in Digital Transformation and Change Management. Essentially, the company supports businesses in emerging markets who wish to modernize their workplace by combining their technology with crypto and blockchain. In other words, it is just what you need if you wish to add cryptocurrency and blockchain to your business, but don’t know how best to do it.

The addition of digital currencies doesn’t simply mean accepting them as payments. Of course, that is included into the mix, but the crypto market, combined with blockchain technology, brings countless benefits, such as transparency of transactions, instant payments, extremely low fees (often measured in cents, or even less per transaction), automatic payroll through smart contracts, and more. And Libra Incentix is there to help you set it all up.

The company believes that the future of the business world includes a reward-based token economy, which is why it developed the LIX platform.

What is the LIX platform?

LIX is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that employees and customers of crypto-oriented businesses can use to set up customer rewards. In other words, it is a platform that offers a blockchain-based reward system and loyalty program that can be used for managing internal team performance, or influencing the habits of your consumers.

Some of the immediate benefits of joining the platform include things like cultivating a culture within your company that is open to embracing technological innovations. Another revolves around forming long-lasting customer relationships through multiple channels. You can also expect it to drive high-performing team dynamics, and more.

Libra Incentix has found that companies typically see only 20% of business software features used regularly by their employees. As much as 60% is used either rarely or never, which means that the employees might be missing out on great benefits that some rather useful software can provide. Libra Incentix wishes to reduce this wastage, and boost user adoption rates to allow firms to reach the full benefits of their software.

It does this by allowing businesses to plug in LIX to their company software, and reward employees for using the valuable, yet rarely used features. You can also integrate LIX in your eCommerce website(s), or even your in-store Point of Sale solution, which could help distribute customizable and personalized loyalty points. Of course, you could always go for a more direct approach and simply reward your employees with digital currencies to drive high performance, based on configurable KPIs.

This is an excellent solution for those whose employees are struggling to adopt modern ways of working, given that they are growing more and more digital. In other words, getting the new tech integrated into your business is not the problem — the problem is getting your employees on board with using the new benefits.

Libra Incentix understands why they are hesitating. Change can be difficult, especially when it is insisted upon by the company, and when it includes technology that is unknown to them. However, it is also necessary, and the best way to help employees “break the ice” is to offer incentives.

Libra Incentix’s LIX is the future of loyalty rewards

Blockchain technology has made a promise a long time ago, when it first emerged. The promise said that it will grant people access to new features and benefits, and that it will return to them the power over their own money. It offered to remove intermediaries, reduce transactional costs, make transactions faster, transparent, and simply more reliable.

That promise has been fulfilled, and all it takes now is for people to come and accept it. Blockchain and crypto offer a lot, and while they are still considered new — they have seen incredible amount of development and growth in every sense of the word over the last several years. Now, they are still far from mass adoption, that much is true.

However, they are progressing towards mass adoption with every new project, every new partnership, business that switches to blockchain for its benefits, and more.

LIX loyalty program is only one example of how blockchain can not only revolutionize an important aspect of a business, but also how beneficial it can be to switch to this technology. This is why Libra Incentix has created it, and why any business owner out there should consider it. With the employees using these features, they can earn more money, be more productive, help their company, and become the true owners of their funds.