Kasheesh Lets US Consumers Split Online Payments Across Credit, Debit, And Gift Cards

Online payments lend themselves to ongoing innovation and new ideas. Kasheesh intends to let consumers split their online payments across multiple cards. The free digital platform supports credit, debit, and gift cards, creating a compelling user experience. 

Kasheesh Offers A Welcome Solution

When conducting online payments, users often have to figure out which payment method they want to use. They may have some funds on a gift card and try to cover the rest with their debit card. However, that option isn’t always available, leaving many people frustrated. Kasheesh now offers an online solution that will enable users to split their payments across multiple cards and card types. 

Thanks to $5.5 million in funding, Kasheesh launched its web browser extension for American online shoppers. They can now reduce the burden on individual payment methods per purchase, gain better credit scores and card rewards, and maximize their online privacy. That latter feat is achieved by Kasheesh generating a new encrypted card number for each purpose. 

Kasheesh CEO Sam Miller adds:

“Most people are used to paying for something with one form of payment, be it one card or BNPL alternatives. There’s a significant cost burden, risk, and little to no personalization when you’re forced to put an entire payment onto one card, especially when that card is frequently used for multiple purchases. Kasheesh leverages existing spending power, not added debt. We maximize rewards versus maxing out cards.”

The browser extension supports up to 10 cards – credit, debit, and gift cards – for users to combine. Kasheesh leverages a proprietary AI to suggest the best combination for every purchase, ensuring consumers make better decisions. Under the hood, all user identities and proof of funds will be verified by Stripe and Plaid.