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Irish Fintech Outfit Will Create 100 New Jobs By March 2024

In times when nearly all finance and fintech firms are laying off people, Money Jar creates a beacon of hope. The Irish fintech outfit wants to hire 100 additional employees over the coming years. An excellent example of how proper management can still enable business growth during somewhat uncertain times. 

Money Jar Bucks The Trend

It is good to see some companies have a positive future outlook amid all of the doom and gloom. Money Jar is in the fintech industry, a segment that has seen numerous headlines involving firms laying off employees. Additionally, various players are strapped for cash and need to raise capital, which is no easy feat these days. However, the Irish firm seems to be in a healthy position today and aims to expand in the next two years. 

While the creation of 100 jobs may not seem like a big deal, it is a significant step forward. Like other fintechs, Money Jar remains a relatively new company, as it was established in 2019. Through its Irish IBAN service, users can perform day-to-day online transactions. Additionally, there is a current account for cross-border payments and cash lodgement. 

Adding 100 employees to the company is pretty significant, as there are only 22 employees today. That represents a near sixfold increase in the workforce, indicating the Money Jar services are in high demand. The firm will hire people with expertise across software engineering, compliance, security, product management, marketing,  sales, etc. 

The hiring spree will occur through several phases. First, Money Jar wants to create 50 extra jobs by July 2023. They will add the other 50 by March 2024. It is an ambitious plan, but one that deserves tremendous praise. Keep in mind these “targets” may change depending on market circumstances and other macroeconomic factors.