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AI Insurance Card Scan and Verification

Insurance mistakes are more than common. It has become common practice to ask for an itemized receipt for years because of this. Mistakes can cause patients and providers alike devastating economic loss. These mistakes typically come as a result of the current manual process by which insurance is verified.

Be that by phone, manual entry, or even website entry, a human is typically needed for the process. AI enabled insurance card scan and verification, obviously, changes this. Using new and more innovative AI tech, in a matter of minutes insurance can be verified. Insurance of any type can notably be interpreted, not just the standard models.

This moves the human contact and consequently error that it brings. Interestingly, it also majorly speeds up the insurance process. Without any need for external verification, the information can be directly sent and turned into a claim. This removes the sometimes week-long periods that people wait to receive a statement. Allowing claim receivers to have a longer time to pay off a more accurate bill. These are just some of the advantages of AI insurance verification.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC