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HSBC UK Will Rely On Zoom To Help Potential Investors Set Up A My Investment Account

Banks and other financial institutions need to embrace modern technologies to stay relevant. For example, HSBC in the UK opts to use Zoom to organize new investors’ calls. It is an intriguing approach, although video call support can be a powerful tool in 2022 and beyond.

HSBC Takes An Interesting Path

It is commendable to see major banks and financial institutions explore new opportunities to attract younger clients. More and more people want to invest their money early on and unlock passive revenue streams. One may argue that using a bank to grow your money isn’t necessarily the best option these days, although it is understandable why someone would opt for that approach.

HSBC UK introduces Remote Assisted Digital as part of its My Investment service. Customers can book an appointment for a Zoom call. Through Zoom, new investors can complete their applications. It is a new way of engaging with novice investors rather than relying on just live chat functionality, which was added in 2021.

Apparently, the bank integrates the Zoom functionality due to customer feedback. One in three people wants to talk to someone face-to-face. As that is difficult in COVID-19 times, using Zoom seems like a plausible option. In addition, integrating this functionality can help boost the number of accounts opened after users receive investing advice.

HSBC UK’s Head of Wealth Management James Hewitson notes:

“We know that the majority of our customers are novice investors. Taking the first leap into investing can feel like a big decision and we want to help our customers by providing this extra level of support. A conversation with an expert adds that human touch and can provide reassurance that investors are making the right decision. We are on hand to help our customers navigate their investment journey.”