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How Can Learning and Development Boost Your Company?

There is a very heavy emphasis on the acquisition of new assets for a company. However, reinvesting in the workers, arguably the most productive asset, is often overlooked. Furthermore, if capital is invested in learning and development (L&D), it may be sponsoring ineffective and inefficient learning programs.

Often, the belief that the training is inadequate for teaching employees is held by both the organization as well as the employees themselves. On the organizational level, 35% attribute this absence of proper training due to insufficient access to valuable training resources. Consequently, 25% of employees report forgetting what they learned immediately with 24% seeing it as irrelevant and 21% seeing it as obsolete.

Ultimately, acquiring adequate and proper training for employees is just as vital as acquiring new assets. Alternative options that deviate from the usual training such as Arist or other online options may prove invaluable at getting information to stick.

Measuring the ROI of corporate learning
Source: Arist