generative ai marketing

Generative AI Marketing is the Future

Generative AI, which is previous content fed into a machine to create new iterations with new content, is being increasingly used in business tactics. Although it is still relatively new, generative AI is changing marketing by creating new content for businesses. Industries like high tech/ telecom, automotive/ assembly, and more have incorporated generative AI into their marketing tactics. 


These industries and businesses use AI to assist them in marketing; like email marketing, market-lead scoring, and more. The use of AI has nearly doubled, showing the growing influence of it in marketing. As one can see there are many benefits of generative AI, like increasing productivity. Therefore many businesses are adapting generative AI into their marketing tactics.


Professionals have noted that the use of AI will continue to grow and be adapted into business marketing plans. For example, there is a greater reliance on AI marketing automation, and there is an increase in accessibility for small businesses due to AI use. 

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing