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Former Goldman Sachs Members Raise $20 Million For Their Decentralized Investment Bank

Decentralized finance opportunities remain in high demand. Former Global Sachs traders have raised $20 million for the Ondo Finance decentralized investment bank initiative. An intriguing development, confirming TradFi experts are smitten by decentralization. 

Ondo Finance Bags $20 Million

Building a decentralized investment bank from the ground up is no easy feat. The objective of this venture is to connect stakeholders across the DeFi ecosystem. That will include DAOs, institutions, and retail investors. Bringing all of these entities together under one banner will pose challenges, but it is not impossible. 

Ondo has developed some products which have proven to be of great interest. Investors see merit in decentralized structure products, letting them choose between downside protection or enhanced returns. Now is the time to take some risks in finance, as money will become worth far less if one does nothing. Moreover, the returns through DeFi have proven very lucrative.

Ondo Finance CEO Nathan Allman comments:

“We’re excited for some new product launches that will make it much easier for passive investors to obtain broad exposure to DeFi yields at a customized risk level.”

With the new funding, the decentralized investment bank will focus on launching new products, including vaults bundling yields from algorithmic stablecoins. The team also explores vaults aggregating yields across various blockchains. The future of decentralized finance will be cross-chain to give investors the best chance of pocketing a profit.