Flutterswap Rebrands And Taps Binance Smart Chain To Become An All-in-One DeFi Suite For The Mainstream

Secure and decentralized trading protocol Flutterswap has recently undergone a rebrand and is now live on the Binance Smart Chain. Both developments check off crucial milestones for the project and highlight the importance of competitiveness in DeFi.

FlutterSwap positions itself as the most complete decentralized finance covering all aspects of DeFi. Moreover, the team wants to bring their approach to millions of users worldwide, regardless of technical expertise. Onboarding newcomers to the crypto industry remains an essential process. 

Under the Flutterswap banner, users can access various products and services, including:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange): supports all BSC tokens for trading, swapping, staking, farming, and liquidity provision. 
  • Multi-chain NFT Marketplace: create and list NFTs across multiple chains. Supported payment methods include BNB, USDT, FSWAP, or other native tokens. 
  • Multi-chain Launchpad: enables participation in IDOs
  • Gamification: Play-to-earn opportunities for users to earn FSWAP tokens. (Only accessible to users staking their token)
  • Web3 Social Platform: Chat, share posts, and watch videos
  • Flutternews (Media platform): An educational platform for cryptocurrency, DeFi, daily tips, and news
  • Charity platform: Helping people in need, organizations, and NGOs to raise funds and collect donations
  • Multi-chain Wallet: Securely store, send, and receive your crypto assets on any blockchain. 
  • Metaverse: Coming soon…..

The recent rebrand will enable Flutterswap to become the largest decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, the team is ambitious and aims to attract millions of users eager to explore blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 

The choice for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is logical:

  1. The network has a strong position in the DApp segment and provides cheap and fast transactions.
  2. The technology stack offers an opportunity to connect to other blockchains through a cross-compatible ecosystem.
  3. BSC is EVM-compatible, creating exciting opportunities for connecting to other EVM-supporting blockchain ecosystems.

FSWAP, the native token of Flutterswap, has a total supply of 150 million tokens. Tokens will be sold during an upcoming token sale (IDO) in Q2 2022, during which 5,75 million FSWAP will be available for purchase at $0.0175 each. The listing price for FSWAP will be $0.02. In addition, a total of 99 million tokens are used for staking rewards, with 25 million tokens burned. The remaining tokens are distributed among team members, private sale participants and set aside for CEX listings and marketing and development purposes.

The roadmap for Flutterswap looks enticing, as users can look forward to the Initial NFT Sale, the first IDO on Flutterswap, Ambassador Program, FSWAP burning, mobile wallet application, exclusive partnerships, and much more. 

Flutterswap raised $25,000 during a private sale in November 2021. Additionally, the team burned 25 million FSWAP, reducing the total supply by over 16%. 

About FlutterSwap

FlutterSwap provides services including Swap/Exchange, Staking, Voting, IDO. Collectibles (NFT) and Liquidity pool. Not only that, but they will also build their own ecosystem by releasing products such as FlutterWallet, FlutterPrice, Flutter News, FlutterPad, and Flutter Academy.

The project recently rebranded for the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to become the most encompassing DeFi solution on the market. 

For more detailed information, you can read the whitepaper of the project on their website https://FlutterSwap.finance/ 

Here are their official social media:

Telegram Group: https://t.me/FlutterSwapchat

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/FlutterSwapann

Twitter : https://Twitter.com/FlutterSwap 

Reddit : https://Reddit.com/FlutterSwap 

GitHub : https://GitHub.com/FlutterSwap 

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCXtwaE36yW3DpFsFelkiWWw

Medium: https://FlutterSwap.medium.com

Email: support@FlutterSwap.finance or FlutterSwap@gmail.com

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