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Fintech Hub Nigeria Picks Up Two Key Africa Tech Awards

Nigerian companies and startups continue to push for equal technology access and inclusion. That became apparent once again during the 2022 Africa Tech Awards. It isn’t surprising to learn Nigeria is also a finance and fintech development hub.

Nigeria Takes The Crown

The 2022 Africa Tech Awards were jam-packed with innovative companies and hard-working individuals. However, the two Nigerian companies got most of the attention due to their focus and progress. Womenovate, a female-oriented educational platform, has become the Startup of the Year. That is a significant accomplishment, as there is still a tremendous gender gap in education in Africa and other regions. The platform offers Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics resources, courses, and jobs.

The other company to keep an eye on is Nextwear Technologies. That team picked up the HealthTech Innovation of the Year award. Its focus on using wearable technology to create a “smart bra” has not gone unnoticed. The product can detect early-stage breast cancer. It can potentially save millions of lives and change the healthcare industry for the better. 

Technology remains a crucial industry that will keep pushing society forward. Although not all developments gain critical mainstream adoption, a smart bra can be of great interest. In addition, the growing focus on female-oriented educational solutions is always welcome. Everyone should have equal access to optimal health and learning materials, regardless of gender or location. 

More importantly, Africa continues to show an appetite for technological innovation. Significant strides have been made in recent years, particularly on the digital front. That has given rise to broader financial inclusion and new products and services. In turn, that enables other technology companies to come up with new ideas and help improve daily life for millions of people. 

What Comes Next For Nigeria?

The African country continues to solidify its strong continental position. Nigeria is a leader in finance and fintech and now gains more momentum in the general technology industry. Many bright minds in the country can come up with novel ideas. Those ideas will grow and develop the country’s population and may help other countries achieve similar levels. 

The Fintech Innovation of the Year Award went to Kyanda Africa. The company was initially founded in Kenya and is expanding to South Africa. It allows users to complete money transfers to other users, introducing new payment corridors. In addition, users can purchase mobile airtime through this fintech venture. Kyanda also provides merchant and utility services, insurance solutions, etc.