EnviDa&DriveMining: A new environmental data tracking technology

In recent years, a concept called crypto mining has entered our lives. With cryptomining, a new income source has been born for people. For example; In 2013, miners earned a total of $1 million per month. In 2021, the daily earnings of miners totaled $60 million.

However, this was not easy…

Mining of the most well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum became more difficult as the unmined amount decreased. Therefore, different technologies have developed to be able to mine cryptocurrencies. As technology developed, the cost of mining equipment increased.

As a result of all these developments, cryptocurrency mining has become complex and inextricable. Old technologies are no longer profitable. The amount of electricity wasted has caused environmental problems. Some countries have banned crypto mining. European Union countries have also been discussing recently about regulating cryptocurrency mining due to the environmental effects of electricity consumption.

DriveMining seeks to find solutions to these problems

Berlin-based DriveMining offers a different alternative to both cryptocurrency mining and energy consumption. DriveMining is integrated into electric-hybrid vehicles or large but diesel vehicles such as buses and trucks, mining cryptocurrencies while the vehicle is in motion. DriveMining can mine EnviDa Token and 10 different cryptocurrencies thanks to the programmability feature of the FPGA chips it uses.

DriveMining collects environmental data such as carbon dioxide emissions, carbon footprint and air pollution, thanks to a sensor integrated into the device, and transfers this data to the EnviDa blockchain. Thus, a database is created that can travel all over the world and saves the environmental data it visits to an immutable and transparent blockchain. The data collected here will provide a holistic perspective to the projects to be produced in the future within the scope of combating the climate crisis. The huge data library created on the EnviDa blockchain can be purchased in exchange for EnviDa Token.

DriveMining currently provides B2B services. Taxi stands, truck fleets, bus companies will be able to earn passive income through cryptocurrency mining by installing DriveMiner on their vehicles. Next, DriveMining will offer its home edition mining technology to the public.

EnviDa’s future plans

Street imaging is among the future plans of the EnviDa project, which has a flexible structure due to its technology. Thanks to the 360-degree camera system to be integrated into the vehicles with DriveMiner, vehicles that are already in traffic will be able to collect street images of the areas they pass. Again, these images can be converted via oracle and saved on the EnviDa blockchain. In this way, an indelible visual pool will be created that shows the change of streets retrospectively, and constantly updated street images can be included in map applications.

In addition EnviDa has its eye on future relay chain technology. If the relay chain technology is implemented, the EnviDa blockchain can communicate with other blockchains and strengthen each other more, creating a larger data pool.

Assembly place leased

EnviDa Token started pre-sale as of January 1, 2022. They collected 1.5 million euros in a sold out private sale. According to their statement, with this money, they rented the assembly place of DriveMiners in Berlin, the capital of Germany. In this place, DriveMiners will be mounted on electric-hybrid vehicles and large but diesel vehicles such as trucks and buses.

A total of 2 million EDAT tokens are available for the pre-sale at 0.75€ per EDAT, therefore offering all investors a 25% discount on the token. The proceeds from the pre-sale will be used to fund innovative blockchain development, infrastructure construction, and hardware component of the EnviDa ecosystem in general. EDAT token can also be used to purchase DriveMiners and engage in environmental data transactions.  

Reminder: EnviDa’s pre-sale is still ongoing. You can go to envidatoken.io address and learn more by reading WhitePaper.



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