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Enhance Bitcoin Privacy with CoinJoin: Trezor Model T Integrates Groundbreaking Feature

Privacy has always been a primary concern for cryptocurrency users, especially those dealing with Bitcoin. However, maintaining anonymity becomes crucial as the blockchain stores transaction details publicly. CoinJoin, a groundbreaking technology, aims to increase privacy by merging multiple Bitcoin payments from various spenders to create a single transaction with obfuscated history and ownership. Trezor users can now benefit from this technology.

Trezor and zkSNACKs Collaboration: A Milestone for Privacy

Crypto hardware wallet company Trezor has joined forces with Bitcoin privacy firm zkSNACKs to bring the innovative CoinJoin feature to its Model T device. 

This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing privacy for Bitcoin transactions, as the Model T becomes the first and only hardware wallet to support CoinJoin transactions. 

While several software or “hot” wallets, such as zkSNACKs’ Wasabi wallet, already support CoinJoin, Trezor plans to extend this feature to its Model One devices.

Reclaiming Privacy: CoinJoin’s Role in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

The Bitcoin blockchain‘s public nature allows most transactions to be easily traced using essential tools like block explorers, which analyze cryptocurrency transactions. As a result, users’ financial privacy can be compromised. 

CoinJoin addresses this issue by merging multiple Bitcoin payments from different spenders into one transaction, concealing the transaction history and ownership.

Users can access CoinJoin through decentralized marketplaces such as JoinMarket or wallets like Trezor’s Model T and zkSNACKs’ Wasabi wallet. Model T and Wasabi leverage zkSNACKs’ CoinJoin service, charging a coordination fee of 0.3% of the coinjoined amount. 

Trezor explained in a release that users can click the “anonymize” button, choose the number of CoinJoin rounds to increase privacy levels, confirm their choices on the Trezor device, and let the automated process handle the rest.

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Additional Privacy Features: Trezor’s Commitment to Anonymity

Trezor is dedicated to providing privacy to its users, as evidenced by its integration of additional features such as Tor, coin control, and Shamir backup. 

Matěj Žák, CEO of Trezor, emphasizes the company’s commitment to privacy, stating, “Trezor values privacy as an individual’s most important asset. Consequently, we’re delighted that we’ve found a way for our community to keep their Bitcoin history private.”

Integrating CoinJoin into Trezor’s Model T hardware wallet marks a significant step forward in preserving privacy for Bitcoin users. By joining forces with zkSNACKs, Trezor is helping safeguard the cryptocurrency community’s financial privacy. 

As technology advances and privacy concerns grow, innovative solutions like CoinJoin will play an increasingly vital role in digital assets.