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Making Your Digital Events More Engaging

Digital engagement, especially since the pandemic, has blown up in the past few years. In 2020, over 70% of events switched from physical to hybrid or digital, and many are choosing to remain online. Fewer business travelers are willing to make long journeys to physical locations and business travel’s share of hotel revenue is starting to decline. Entire audiences have also moved to digital alternatives – the number of users in digital engagement platforms have skyrocketed by hundreds of percent in only a short few months. 


It’s no surprise why many prefer digital events as compared to physical ones. Being online however, brings its own hurdles to jump over. A lack of understanding of software, poor connection, and a myriad other problems so commonly come up while trying to set up any kind of meeting. These kinds of problems can turn the benefits of online meetings into longer, more frustrating versions of the events they are supposed to be.


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The power of virtual events