Destream Announces A Payment Card Dedicated To Online Content Creators

Every consumer and business have different needs where payment cards are concerned. Dream aims to explore a new crowd by providing a vehicle to internet content creators. An intriguing solution for those who regularly receive donations and a sign of how things continue to evolve in the payment landscape.

A Bank Card For Content Creators

It is a very intriguing lifestyle to be an internet content creator and try to make a living. However, while creators can accept various payment methods and even donations, combining them all under one banner is never straightforward. Dream, a fintech startup, acknowledges things need to be streamlined sooner or later, and the company has a new bank card to achieve that goal.

More specifically, the bank card will let internet content creators accept donations in any currency, including popular crypto assets. Moreover, they can use many payment methods, allowing creators to tap into multiple potential revenue streams. There is a bonus in how users will receive a cashback of up to 30% on their destream account, which may be a powerful incentive for platform users.

It is well-known that banks do not take kindly to large donations for streamers and internet content creators. Unfortunately, blocking such payments due to “suspicious activity” is all too common. Unfortunately, that also threatens the livelihood of internet content creators, a situation that needs to be addressed in some way. Unfortunately, that is often much easier said than done.

Destream, as a fintech startup, aims to cut out the middlemen altogether. Their payment card can greatly value streamers, bloggers, and other internet content creators globally. Although the new card is not available yet, pre-orders have opened up and will begin shipping in Q3 2022. It is intriguing to see such new opportunities come to market, as payments and donations are the lifeblood of creating content online.