Decentralized Litecoin Game LiteBringer Is Shutting Down

It is always unfortunate when crypto-related projects have to shut down. Lightbringer, the first decentralized game on the Litecoin network, will be shut down shortly. Although the project has yielded valuable information, the numbers kept dropping off, forcing the developers’ hands. 

Curtain Call For LiteBringer

Many people within the Litecoin community were excited when LiteBringer was first announced. Decentralized gaming on the Litecoin blockchain has tremendous potential, although retaining users’ attention can be troublesome. Especially with play-to-earn gaming now taking center stage, projects like LiteBringer tend to drop off the radar altogether. It is unfortunate, but that situation will not change anytime soon. 

In a recent blog post, the LiteBringer team confirms the pull will be plugged on this game. Although the team explored new opportunities and dedicated tremendous time and resources to the game, it is no longer viable to provide this service. Initial support did not hold up over time, resulting in dwindling user numbers and less overall interest in this game. 

Reaching an impasse in user appreciation is problematic but not necessarily fatal. Unfortunately, LiteBringer failed to bring back players over time. Additionally, the developers looked at the current game, its challenges, and whether it had any future. Sadly, there will be no further development of the game, as there is no scenario in which a continuation makes sense. 

The big issue is enhancing the overall appeal of the LiteBringer game. Making crucial changes to that aspect is no longer viable, nor are the developers intent on integrating NFTs or other mechanics. Overall player expectations seem to prioritize monetization over fun, which is not what LiteBringer is about. Redesigning the game would mean a near entire overhaul, with no guarantee of attracting more users and facing less favorable long-term consequences. 

A Final Update

Interestingly, the LiteBringer team will launch a final update in late March 2022. That update removes the subscription and trading fees, while improving character balancing. The game will remain playable, although no further updates will occur. Any players stocked up on subscriptions will be reimbursed automatically. 

Someone else may take over the LiteBringer concept. For now, the team will attempt to preserve the Discord server, although it will be placed under new management if someone steps up. If not, support for the game and all CipSoft-related services will end on the day the final update is released.