cyber war

Cyber War and Future Security Threats

Is the next generation of cyber war already here? Ukraine was hit by new malware designed to wipe data just hours before Russian troops invaded in 2022. In fact, Microsoft found malware in Ukraine government systems that could be triggered remotely, indicating potential trends of warfare against other Western European and North American countries. Half of U.S. technology executives say state-sponsored cyber warfare is their biggest threat with 32 percent of them believing defining a national cybersecurity protocol should be a top priority. 


Moreover, the connections between cyber and physical assets are growing, bringing greater risk to both network and physical infrastructure security. And, the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the potential for damage from cyber threats. While cyber attacks are less devastating, cyber war could have the impact on the scale of a natural disaster. Americans have already started taking measures to protect themselves from cyber warfare, taking precautions like updating all software, backing up important information, and routinely changing passwords. Prepare yourself with a strong defense.


Next Gen Cyber Warfare