Community-Driven Web3 Gaming Platform Neon Link Raises $1 Million USD

Since 2020 the blockchain gaming space has seen a huge surge in popularity, with various platforms emerging to cater to a growing demand for immersive virtual experiences, NFT integration, and play-to-earn possibilities. With leaders like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Axie Infinity already well established, new innovators are leading the charge to bring the next iteration of blockchain technology to the forefront of web3 gaming.

Community Driven Approach

Neon Link is a new blockchain platform that aims to revolutionize web3 gaming with its community-driven ecosystem. Neon Link differentiates itself by offering a platform that prioritizes developer freedom, transparency, fair profit sharing, player empowerment, and accessible trading of in-game digital assets.

The company’s vision centers around creating fully immersive experiences within a community-based ecosystem, where developers and players can have a significant say in shaping the project’s direction while earning real-world value through cryptocurrency.

The Neon Link Network

At the heart of Neon Link’s mission lies the Neon Link network, supported by its native token, NEON Coin. This decentralized network empowers gamers and developers, enabling them to engage in governance actions and participate actively within the ecosystem. NEON serves as the platform’s utility token, facilitating various transactions and interactions on the platform, so that players can seamlessly buy, sell or trade in-game items securely.

Unique Platform Tools & Benefits

Neon Link offers a range of features designed to benefit both players and developers. Game developers gain access to Software Development Kit (SDK) tools and applications that enable the implementation of smart contracts and artificial intelligence, paving the way for innovative game design possibilities.

Meanwhile, Neon Swap allows users with the neon tresor wallet to effortlessly swap NFTs and other crypto assets within the Neon Link blockchain. The platform also hosts a marketplace where users can trade NFT assets, in-game items, and profile pictures, all with the advantage of low transaction fees.

To support its robust ecosystem, Neon Link operates on its own native, high-performance blockchain network, capable of processing an impressive 35,000 transactions per second. This ensures smooth and efficient trading of items and liquidity movement within the network.

Additionally, Neon Link offers a bridge feature that facilitates seamless transfers between the Neon Link network and other major networks like Ethereum and Polygon, enhancing interoperability and user convenience for those looking to buy, sell or trade non-fungible assets.

Neon Link Secures Over $1 Million in Funding

Neon Link’s potential has not gone unnoticed, as the company recently completed a successful presale and two EMV-compatible (Arbitrum, Binance, Polygon) funding rounds. These rounds resulted in the sale of 13.6 million NEON tokens, raising over $1 million in ETH and USDT.

Participants who acquired NEON during these rounds will have a stake in the Neon Link ecosystem, including any future game that launches on the platform. The public token sale is scheduled to take place in July, with specific dates set to be announced on the platform’s social media channels in the near future.

As the world of blockchain gaming continues to evolve and captivate new audiences, Neon Link has positioned itself at the forefront of this revolution. With its community-driven approach, emphasis on player engagement, and commitment to fostering developer creativity, Neon Link aims to reshape the landscape of web3 gaming, offering a vibrant and inclusive platform for gamers and developers alike.