The Power of Color Psychology as a Marketing Tool

Colors in marketing can do a lot more than might be thought and can do much more than simply look appealing. Colors can be used to do a variety of things, including enhancing mood, increasing memory, boosting attention spans, reducing perceptions of waiting time, encouraging sales, and many more. The power of using color can be an easily overlooked advantage that can prove to be game changing. 

Some colors do better than others in different situations. In houses, red, brown, and yellow walls can make rooms look smaller, and commonly cause them to be sold for significantly less than expected. Brighter and more neutral colors, such as light blue, gray, and white, make rooms look bigger and will appeal to more potential buyers. In consumer products, colors can also be used to shape how a product is viewed. Black and purple often denote luxury, class, and sophistication whereas red and orange provide a sense of urgency and call attention to a product.

Learn more about how to utilize color psychology in marketing to make your efforts more valuable in the visual deep dive below.

Learn about the psychology of color in marketing, what color does to the brain, and colors that maximize your marketing value