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Bullish Stock Market Signals Yet $META and $MA Momentum Sours Significantly

The week is at the halfway point, and the stock market looks very bullish again. That is, except for a few crucial companies that seem to struggle. Meta Platforms, Inc (META) and Mastercard, Inc. (MA) have a tremendous bearish sentiment that may further decrease prices in the coming days.  

Meta and Mastercard Stock Market Outlook

Although there is sufficient bullish sentiment across the stock market, individual companies may see opposing signals. Both Meta and Mastercard fall into that category this week. For Mastercard, the past week saw a 0.4% decline in stock price. That is not a big deal, as $MA is still trading above $343. However, it was at $351 not that long ago, indicating investors are not too happy with what they see today. 

Mastercard Loses Court Appeal

The big development plaguing the payment card issuer is a new court ruling in the UK. More specifically, the company appealed a ruling in a lawsuit affecting 46 million UK adults. It took five years for the case to be certified. During that time, roughly 3 million of the claimants passed away. 

Mastercard wanted those claims to be removed from the lawsuit altogether, but the court denied that request. As such, the company still faces a severe threat in the UK. With the judge not showing leniency for the card issuer, investors turned bearish on the $MA stock. So much even there is a 200% weakly increase in bearish sentiment and a 50% decline in bullish sentiment. 

Meta Practices Raise More Eyebrows

It is a well-known fact Meta is one of the many tech companies forced to lay off employees in recent months. Some of those layoffs have been controversial, especially regarding timing. For example, one former manager claims she received her notification in the early morning during maternity leave. Such practices reflect poorly on the broader company and raise many uneasy questions about how and why Meta determines who to let go. 

Although such incidents may be rare, it doesn’t show keen business sense either. With 13% of the company workforce out of a job today, investors scrutinize the $META price. The asset doesn’t follow the overall stock market sentiment. If anything, it lost nearly 20% of its bullish momentum. Moreover, there are doubts $META will trade above $110 this week, leaving ample downward potential on the table. 

Overall Stock Market Momentum Remains Bullish

Despite struggles faced by Mastercard and Meta, other stocks may thrive in the coming days. The stock market has a 26.1% increase in bullish sentiment and notes more social volume than a week ago. 

Moreover, the overall market cap has increased by 6.7% this week, indicating markets are recovering. That may also explain why more positive momentum sweeps through the crypto markets today.